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over 2 years ago

Get to know the Microsoft Graph

Hi productivity hackers – we hope your projects are going well. We're guessing that many of you have taken a look at the Microsoft Graph as a way of simplifying authentication and traversing relationships between people, documents, and conversations that take place within an Office 365 organization. Here are some useful tools, documents, and videos to help you learn more about the Microsoft Graph:

For an overview – it’s a great idea to watch the talk Yina Arenas gave at our Ignite conference in September. Yina and her team built the Microsoft Graph – so you’re getting information from a great source. Plus, she’s one of the hackathon judges. A link to her Ignite talk is here.

If you watched Yina’s talk, you’ll know that the Microsoft Graph Explorer is a great sandbox for playing around with the functionality in the Graph. Test the functionality available on both the production and beta endpoints and to make it more interesting, sign in with your MSA to play with live data from your own account!

Finally, we have a range of SDKs and documentation that will help you move from exploring into learning and building. You’ll find the SDKs here, and the full set of Graph documentation here

As always, happy coding. With about one month left we’re starting to get curious about what you’ll show us.

The Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem team.


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.