Developer Resources

Check out the Office 365 products, code samples, and documentation you can use in your submissions. Be creative!

• Microsoft Office Dev Center
• Office Developer Getting Started Tutorials
• Office Developer Code Samples
• Getting Started with Graph
   • Graph Explorer
   • Quick Start
• Getting Started with Add Ins
Office Developer GitHub Repo
• OfficeDev Training and Samples
• OfficeDev Training and Deep Dives
• Ignite presentations on Channel 9  

Office 365 Developer Account Creation

In order to build an app using the Microsoft Office 365 products and tools, you’ll need to become an Office 365 tenant by joining the Office 365 Developer Program. Please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Developer Program site and enter your information.
  2. Check your inbox for an email from Office Developer titled “Welcome to the Office 365 Developer Program."
  3. On the Microsoft Office 365 Developer page, provide your details. Please ensure you have selected your correct country of residence.
  4. Follow all remaining steps. When asked for your company name, this is required, but it can be anything. Once you click “Create my account” on the last step, you should be redirected to the Office 365 homepage. Please note that if you are getting an error here, please check that you are using InPrivate browsing from step 2 onwards.
  5. Submit the email/username that you signed up with for the developer account HERE and we will send you a code for a 12 month free trial within 3 business days.