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Trying to create email sample from tutorial

So I am following the EmailPeek tutorial: https://dev.office.com/code-samples-detail/2457

I have added in my client ID (which is called Application id in Azure I think?), the redirect string. But I can not log into the app?

I get the following error:

WARNING: There are no service endpoints for the authenticated user.
2017-12-14 11:29:20.346056+1100 EmailPeek[29119:8158708] INFO: Fetching messages on page 0
2017-12-14 11:29:20.346314+1100 EmailPeek[29119:8158708] ERROR: Trouble fetching messages {Cannot create service client.}

2. Select Active Directory on the left menu, then select the directory for your Office 365 developer site.
3. On the top menu, select Applications.

There is no Active Directory (only Azure Active Directory, so I click on that. But then there is no Applications menu, but there is Enterprise Applications, so I click on that. I click through to App registrations, I do part 8. But there is no ClientID only an Application ID ( HAVE THEY CHANGED THE UI A LOT???)

So I copy that, enter it into the xcode project, but get an error.

"Sorry, we are having signing you in"

Any idea what I am doing wrong? And can I get an answer to has the UI changed a lot for these tutorials, or am I doing something wrong?

thanks for your help,


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